About us

In the depths of despair, I traversed a harrowing journey through depression, substance abuse, the allure of lust, the haunting whispers of suicidal thoughts, and the cruel betrayals that left me stripped of everything I held dear. It seemed as though I had lost myself in the shadows, drowning in the tumultuous sea of my own mistakes and brokenness.

In the face of darkness, when all seemed lost, I found an unexpected lifeline – the unwavering grace of Jesus Christ. In the quiet moments of surrender, His love enveloped me, and the realization of His sacrifice became the anchor for my weary soul. The blood of Jesus became the cleansing force that washed away the stains of my past, offering redemption and a chance at a new beginning.

Out of the ashes of my brokenness emerged a newfound purpose – Tha Juice. This brand is not merely about fashion; it is a living testimony to the transformative power of faith. Tha Juice embodies the essence of Jesus' sacrifice, serving as a reminder of His blood shed for our salvation.

Every garment is woven with intentionality, designed not just to dress the body but to clothe the spirit with the armor of God. Each piece carries scriptures that fight the spiritual warfare that once threatened to consume me. It is my hope that those who wear Tha Juice feel the presence of Jesus in their lives, that they find solace in His teachings, and that they are equipped to face the battles of the unseen realm.

Tha Juice is a testament to the resilience that faith brings, a beacon of light for those who may be navigating the same treacherous waters I once faced. In sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery, to find the salvation and renewal that only Jesus can provide. Through Tha Juice, may lives be touched, hearts transformed, and souls redeemed, all by the boundless love and grace of our Savior.